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USA Ship Losses 1945

This page records the details of every USA ship lost during WW2, including pictures where possible. Every type of ship is here, warships, submarines, MTBs, tankers, cargo, passenger, troopships and so on, totalling over 1,850. Much of this information was kindly provided by Michael W Pocock at - thank you Michael !

The link from the warship name will show the location of the sinking on a map of the world - note not all are known.

If the results of the search display the records for only one ship, then a photo will be shown if available.

The main page for finding ship losses is here

USA Aux. Motor Minesweeper

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
YMS-841945-07-09 MineSunkBalikpapan; Borneo
YMS-3411945-09-16 StormSunkTyphoon Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
YMS-4211945-09-16 StormSunkTyphoon Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
YMS-4721945-09-16 StormSunkTyphoon Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
YMS-981945-09-16 StormSunkTyphoon Okinawa Ryukyu Islands

USA Covered Lighter (self-propelled)

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
YF-7771945-08-06Details unknown SunkEniwetok; Marshall Islands

USA Landing Craft Infantry (Large

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
LCI(L)6841945-11-12Details unknown UnknownSunkSamar; Philippines

USA Landing Craft Tank

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
LCT-10501945-07-27Details unknown SunkLe Shima; Ryukyu Islands

USA Landing Ship Medium

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
LSM-151945-10-09 StormSunkTyphoon Louise5mi E of Okinawa

USA Landing Ship Tank

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
LST-8141945-12-30Towed and sunk Aug 12; 1946 GroundingWreckedSasebo; Kyushu; Japan

USA Barge

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Frank R Diggs1946-01-01 Sunk Rogues Harbor Delaware
ATT #11946-11-03 GroundedSunkAlaska

USA Cargo

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Marguerite Le Hand1945-08-24 CollisionDamagedEast coast of USA
Hollywood1945-11-29Total Loss GroundedDamagedAtlantic
Kenmar1945-12-10 GroundedWreckedMed
Hilton1945-12-16 MineDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Crown Reefer1946-01-27 GroundedSunkAlaska
Sea Satyr1946-02-22 MineDamagedPacific
Jean Lykes1946-03-23 MineDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Sinnet1946-12-23 MineDamagedPacific

USA Cruiser

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Indianapolis1945-07-30Torpedoed off Tinian (12-02N 134-48E) by Japanese submarine I-58 - 553 men lost Pacific

USA Destroyer

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Thatcher1945-07-19Severely damaged by suicide aircraft off Okinawa (26-15N 127-50E); not repaired Pacific
Callaghan1945-07-290041Hit by suicide aircraft 73 miles 75 km west of Okinawa (25-43N 126-55E); immobilized 0045 by explosion aft and ship abandoned - 47men lost. Ship sank at 0235 Pacific

USA Escort

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Underhill1945-07-24pmTorpedoed 150 miles 275 km north-east of Luzon (19-20N 126-42E) by manned torpedo ('Kaiten') launched by Japanese submarine I-53 - 122 men lost; scuttled by US ships' gunfire Pacific

USA Floating Drydock

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
AFD-131945-09-16 Sunk Okinawa Ryukyu Islands

USA Harbor Craft

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
ST-3381945-08-08 MineDamaged1

USA Liberty

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
John H. Hammond1945-07-07Total Loss MineDamaged3Med
John A. Rawlins1945-07-27 Aerial TorpedoDamaged Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
William J. Palmer1945-08-04 MineSunkMed
Lucien B Maxwell1945-08-06 GroundedSunkNE Atlantic Ocean
Casimir Pulaski1945-08-08 Mine or bombDamagedPhilippines
Jack Singer1945-08-10Total Loss TorpedoDamaged Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
William D Byron1945-08-15Total Loss MineDamagedMed
Alice H Rice1945-08-23Total Loss GroundedDamagedPhilippines
Enos A Mills1945-08-25 Ice floesDamagedAlaska
Jonathan Harrington1945-08-25 Ice floesDamagedAlaska
Peter White1945-08-25Total Loss MineDamagedPhilippines
Charles C Randleman1945-08-31Total Loss GroundedDamagedPhilippines
Joseph Carrigan1945-08-31 Total Loss 1 Royal Australian Army soldier killed MineDamaged1Pacific
Richard V Oulahan1945-09-16Total Loss TyphoonDamaged Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
John A. Rawlins1945-09-17Total Loss Grounded & collision (Typhoon)Damaged Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
Streator Seam1945-10-02 MineDamagedMed
Charles M Hall1945-10-06 Submerged objectDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Brockholst Livingsto1945-10-09Total Loss Grounded (Typhoon)Damaged Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
Joshua W. Alexander1945-10-17 GroundedDamagedEast coast of USA
Charles C Glover1945-10-24 GroundedDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Ralph Waldo Emerson1945-10-25 GroundedWreckedPhilippines
Benjamin F Coston1945-10-27 MineDamagedMed
Leland Stanford1945-11-01 GroundedDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Abbott L Mills1945-11-10Total Loss MineDamagedMed
William Hume1945-11-12 MineSunkMed
Jesse Billingsley1945-11-19 MineDamaged1Med
Charles C Glover1945-11-20 MineSunkNE Atlantic Ocean
H. H. Raymond1945-12-05 CollisionDamagedWest coast of USA
Francis Preston Blai1945-12-15Total Loss GroundedDamagedPacific
Nathaniel Bacon1945-12-19Total Loss MineDamaged2Med
Duncan L. Clinch1945-12-23 MineSunk Normandy France
Jesse Cottrell1945-12-31Total Loss CollisionDamagedAtlantic
R. F. Peckham1945-12-31Total Loss CollisionDamagedAtlantic
R. S. Wilson1945-12-31Total Loss GroundedDamagedEast coast of USA
William H Webb1946-01-02Total loss GroundedWreckedNear Murmansk; Russia
Antietam1946-01-30Total Loss MineDamaged1NE Atlantic Ocean
Nathan Hale1946-02-05 MineSunkMed
Cyrus Adler1946-02-26 MineDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Minor C Keith1946-03-03 MineDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Lord Delaware1946-03-09 MineDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
William L Davidson1946-03-09 GroundedDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
George W Norris1946-03-13 MineDamagedPacific
Byron Darnton1946-03-16Total Loss Grounded and splitDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Robert J Collier1946-03-22Total Loss GroundedDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Joseph S McDonagh1946-03-31Total Loss GroundedDamagedPacific
Charles S Haight1946-04-02Total Loss GroundedDamagedEast coast of USA
Thomas Heyward1946-05-05 MineDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
James Rumsey1946-05-14 GroundedDamagedCaribbean Sea
Hugh Williamson1946-06-18 GroundedDamagedS Atlantic
James McNeill Whistl1946-06-19Total Loss GroundedDamagedPacific
John Miller1946-06-19Total Loss GroundedDamagedPacific
Chief Joseph1946-07-01 GroundedDamagedPacific
Fitzhugh Lee1946-07-03 MineDamagedMed
David Caldwell1946-09-04 GroundedDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Helena Modjeska1946-09-12 GroundedSunkNE Atlantic Ocean
Niels Poulson1946-09-14Total Loss MineDamagedMed
Cassius Hudson1946-10-16 MineSunkMed
Charles Bulfinch1946-10-30 MineDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Am-Mer-Mar1946-12-27 GroundedSunkNE Atlantic Ocean

USA Lighthouse Tender

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Magnolia WAGL-2311945-08-25 CollisionSunk149 Maguerite LeHand (SS)off Mobile; Alabama

USA Passenger Cargo

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Yukon1946-02-04 GroundedWrecked11484 Johnstone Bay; Alaska 40mi SE Seward
Venus1946-03-29 FireSunkAlaska

USA Repair Ship

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Nestor ARB-6 (Forme1945-10-09Sold for scrap StormWreckedTyphoon Louise Okinawa Ryukyu Islands

USA Sub Chaser

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
SC-5211945-07-10 Sunk Santa Cruz Island; Solomon Islands
PC-8151945-09-11Collision caused by heavy fog CollisionSunk1Laffey DD-724Off San Diego; Ca
SC-6321945-09-16 Sunk Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
PC-5841945-10-09Damaged beyond repair and destroyed Dec. 14; 1945 StormWreckedTyphoon LouiseBuckner Bay; Okinawa
PC-5901945-10-09 StormSunkTyphoon LouiseBuckner Bay; Okinawa
SC-6361945-10-09 Sunk Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
PC-8141945-10-10 StormSunkTyphoon Louise Okinawa Ryukyu Islands

USA Submarine

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Bullhead SS-3321945-08-06Thought to have been sunk on this day by Japanese aircraft BombsSunk84Japanese AircraftN of Bali

USA Tanker

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Vandalia1945-10-09Total Loss Grounded (Typhoon)Damaged Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
Cedar Mills1945-11-19 MineSunk1Med
Sacketts Harbor1946-03-01Broke in half; Bow sank; stern salvaged SunkAlaska
Nickajack Trail1946-03-30 GroundedSunkPacific
W L R Emmet1946-03-31Total Loss CollisionDamagedWest coast of USA
Gold Creek1946-06-25 GroundedDamagedEast coast of USA
Homestead1946-08-05Total Loss Lightning & fireDamagedEast coast of USA
Signal Hills1946-10-08 MineDamagedMed

USA Transport

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Colbert1945-09-191 person MineDamaged1 Okinawa Ryukyu Islands

USA Trawler

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Medford1945-10-21 CollisionSunk7East coast of USA

USA Troopship

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Thomas H Barry1945-10-21 CollisionDamagedEast coast of USA
Edmund B Alexander1946-09-07 MineDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean

USA Victory

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Pratt Victory1945-07-27 TorpedoDamaged Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
Pierre Victory1945-10-28 GroundedWreckedPacific
Luray Victory1946-01-01 GroundedSunkNE Atlantic Ocean
Oshkosh Victory1946-03-02 MineDamagedPacific
Oneida Victory1946-03-31Total Loss CollisionDamagedWest coast of USA
Georgetown Victory1946-04-30Total Loss GroundedDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Park Victory1946-04-30 MineDamagedMed
Frontenac Victory1946-08-27 MineDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Blue Island Victory1946-12-02 CollisionDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Northeastern Victory1946-12-24 GroundedSunkNE Atlantic Ocean
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