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USA Ship Losses 1945

This page records the details of every USA ship lost during WW2, including pictures where possible. Every type of ship is here, warships, submarines, MTBs, tankers, cargo, passenger, troopships and so on, totalling over 1,850. Much of this information was kindly provided by Michael W Pocock at - thank you Michael !

The link from the warship name will show the location of the sinking on a map of the world - note not all are known.

If the results of the search display the records for only one ship, then a photo will be shown if available.

The main page for finding ship losses is here

USA Aux. Motor Minesweeper

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
YMS-141945-01-11 CollisionSunk
YMS-481945-02-14 Scuttled w/ gunfire from USS Fletcher DD-445 after being damaged beyond repair by Japanese shore guns ScuttledJapanese Shore BatteriesCorregidor Corregidor; Luzon; Philippines
YMS-711945-04-03 MineSunkBrunei Bay; Borneo
YMS-1031945-04-07Beached to avoid sinking MineDamaged Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
YMS-4811945-05-02 GunfireSunkJapanese Shore BatteriesTarakan; Borneo
YMS-501945-06-18Scuttled by US after hitting mine MineScuttledBalikpapan; Borneo
YMS-3651945-06-26Damaged by mine; scutled to avoid capture ScuttledBalikpapan; Borneo
YMS-391945-06-26 MineSunkBalikpapan; Borneo

USA Car Float (non self-propelled)

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
YCF-231945-03-01 Lost en route to Eniwetok; Marshall Islands Stricken from the NVR Apr. 28; 1945 SunkPacific
YCF-291945-03-01 Lost en route to Eniwetok; Marshall Islands Stricken from the NVR Apr. 28; 1945 SunkPacific
YCF-361945-03-01 Lost en route to Eniwetok; Marshall Islands Stricken from the NVR Apr. 28; 1945 SunkPacific
YCF-371945-03-01 Lost en route to Eniwetok; Marshall Islands Stricken from the NVR Apr. 28; 1945 SunkPacific

USA Covered Lighter (non self-propelled)

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
YC-9121945-01-13Details unknown SunkPacific
YC-6931945-02-01Details unknown Sunkoff Alaska
YC-9611945-05-01Details unknown SunkBiorka Island; Alaska
YC-12721945-06-01Details unknown Sunkoff San Pedro; Ca

USA Covered Lighter (self-propelled)

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
YF-9261945-03-08Details unknown Sunken route to Pearl Harbor
YF-7241945-03-22Details unknown SunkFarallone Islands
YF-7251945-03-22Details unknown SunkFarallone Islands

USA Floating Workshop

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
YR-431945-03-28Details unknown SunkGulf of Alaska

USA Fuel Barge (self-propeled)

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
YO-1561945-05-01Exact date and cause of loss unknown SunkSitka; Alaska
YO-1571945-05-01Exact date and cause of loss unknown SunkSitka; Alaska

USA Garbage Lighter (self-propell

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
YG-441945-02-07Details unknown SunkPearl Harbor; Hawaii

USA Landing Craft Infantry (Gunboat)

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
LCI(G)-3651945-01-10 Suicide boatDamagedJapanese Suicide BoatLuzon; Phipillines
LCI(G)-4741945-02-17Details unknown SunkIwo Jima
LCI(G)-821945-04-04 Suicide boatSunkJapanese Suicide Boat Okinawa Ryukyu Islands

USA Landing Craft Infantry (Large

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
LCI(L)-6001945-01-12 KaitenSunk I-36 (Kaiten from)Ulithi; Caroline Islands

USA Landing Craft Infantry (Morta

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
LCI(M)-9741945-01-10 SunkLuzon; Phipillines

USA Landing Craft Support (Large)

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
LCS(L)-261945-02-16 Suicide boatSunkJapanese Suicide Boat Mariveles; Corregidor Channel; Luzon; Philippines
LCS(L)-491945-02-16 Suicide boatSunkJapanese Suicide Boat Mariveles; Corregidor Channel; Luzon; Philippines
LCS(L)-71945-02-16 Suicide boatSunkJapanese Suicide Boat Mariveles; Corregidor Channel; Luzon; Philippines
LCS(L)-1271945-03-05Total loss GroundingWrecked San Clemente Island; California
LCS(L)-331945-04-12 GunfireSunkJapanese Shore Batteries Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
LCS(L)-151945-04-22 KamikazeSunkKamikaze Okinawa Ryukyu Islands

USA Landing Craft Tank

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
LCT-2531945-01-21Exact date and cause of loss unknown UnknownSunkBetween Gilbert Islands Tarawa
LCT-11511945-01-26Details unknown UnknownSunk
LCT-1751945-02-21 Sunk
LCT-10291945-03-02 GunfireSunkJapanese Shore BatteriesIwo Jima
LCT-10901945-03-26Details unknown UnknownSunkLuzon; Philippines
LCT-3521945-04-12 Sunk Pearl Harbor Hawaii
LCT-661945-04-12Salvaged Sunk Pearl Harbor Hawaii
LCT-9951945-04-21 SunkGuam
LCT-13581945-05-04Details unknown UnknownSunkOff California

USA Landing Ship Tank

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
LST-5771945-02-11 JTR claims 4 torpedoes fired on Feb 10; 1945 at 08.01N - 136.37E 300NM E of Surigao; Leyte but does not mention sinking a target. TorpedoSunkRO-50*E of Mindanao; Philippines
LST-6751945-04-04Damaged beyond repair and abandoned GunfireDamagedJapanese Shore BatteriesOkinawa Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
LST-4471945-04-07 KamikazeSunkKamikaze Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
LST-4931945-04-12 GroundingSunkPlymouth; England
LST-8081945-05-18Pushed on to a reef; Crashed by a Kamikaze May 20 and destroyed TorpedoDamagedJapanese AircraftLe Shima; Ryukyu Islands

USA Landing Ship Medium

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
LSM-121945-04-04Wreck broke up; scrapped in 1957 GroundingWreckedOkinawa Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
LSM-1351945-05-25 At time of attack was rescuing survivors from Spectacle AM-305 Survivors PU by Flemming DE-32 KamikazeSunk11 Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
LSM-591945-06-21 Sunk while escorting the damaged hulk of USS Barry APD-29 which was being used as a decoy for Kamikaze's KamikazeSunk Kerama Retto Islands 20 mi W of Naha Okinawa Ryuk

USA Landing Ship Medium (Rocket)

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
LSMR-1951945-05-03 KamikazeSunk Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
LSMR-1901945-05-04 KamikazeSunk Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
LSMR-1941945-05-04 KamikazeSunk Okinawa Ryukyu Islands

USA Seaplane Tender

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Thornton AVD-11 (Fo1945-04-05Beached and inspected; abandoned CollisionWrecked Ashtabula AO-51 Escalante AO-70Ryukyus Islands

USA Seaplane Tender (ex Destroyer

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Thornton AVD-11 (ex1945-04-05 Towed to Kerama Retto and declared a total loss; beached; stripped and abandoned. Hulk donated to the Govt. of the Ryukyu Islands in July 1957 CollisionDamaged Ashtabula AO-51 Escalante AO-70off Okinawa

USA Transport (ex-Destroyer Escor

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Bates APD-47 (ex-DE1945-05-25 Damaged by 2 Kamikaze A/C and bombs from a third was taken in tow by Cree ATF-84 and towed to Ie Shima but capsized and sank KamikazeSunk21Kamikaze Ie Shima; Island Ryukyu; Islands; Japan

USA Transport (ex-Destroyer)

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Brooks APD-10 (ex D1945-01-06 Towed to San Pedro; Ca. by SS Watch Hill and decommissioned never returned to action KamikazeDamaged3KamikazeLuzon Landings Lingayen Gulf off Luzon Island; Philippines
Belknap APD-34 (ex1945-01-11 Temp repairs made and returned to USA for perm repairs but never returned to action KamikazeDamaged7KamikazeLuzon Landings Lingayen Gulf off Luzon Island; Philippines
Dickerson APD-21 (e1945-04-02 Crashed by 1 Kamikaze and damaged further by bomb hits Towed to Kerama Retto Islands. Found to be damaged beyond repair and towed out and scuttled on Apr. 4 Bombs KamikazeDamaged58Japanese Aircraft SW of Okinawa Ryukyu Islands; Japan
Barry APD-29 (ex-DD1945-05-25 Damaged beyond repair but towed to Kerama Retto Islands. Hulk used as decoy for Kamikaze's and sunk in Kamikaze attack on June 21; 1945. LSM-59 was sunk in the same attack June 21 KamikazeDamagedKamikaze 35mi NW of Okinawa; Ryukyu Islands; Japan
Barry APD-29 (ex-DD1945-06-21 Had been damaged by a Kamikaze May 25; 1945 and taken out of action. Was being used as a decoy for Kamikaze's at time of loss. LSM-59 was also sunk by a Kamikaze at the time of loss KamikazeSunkKamikaze off Kerama Retto Islands Ryukyu Islands; Japan (a

USA Cargo

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Blenheim1945-01-08 18 passengers puls unknown number of US Army personnel killed BombsDamaged18NE Atlantic Ocean
Marina1945-01-16 MineDamaged Normandy France
Serpens AK-971945-01-29 Manned by USCG crew in WW2 Those killed included 198 Coast Guard 57 US Army 1 Public Health Doctor 1 soldier ashore killed by shrapnel Mishandled ammunitionExploded2572 Lunga Beach; Guadalcanal Solomon Islands
Aleutian1945-02-02 GroundedDamagedAlaska
Narbo1945-02-21Total Loss GroundedDamagedCaribbean Sea
Nashaba1945-02-26 MineSunk2NE Atlantic Ocean
Soreldoc1945-02-28 TorpedoSunk15NE Atlantic Ocean
Matagorda1945-03-31 CollisionDamagedPacific
Sarenzen1945-04-21 GroundedWreckedPacific

USA Carrier

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Ommaney Bay1945-01-041712Hit off Mindoro by JNAF suicide aircraft; abandoned from 1750 as fires could not be controlled and scuttled at about 1830 (11-25N 121-19E) by destroyer Burns Pacific
Bismarck Sea1945-02-211845Hit off Iwo Jima (24-36N 141-48E) by JNAF suicide aircraft; abandoned from 1902 due to explosions and uncontrollable fires and sank at 2200 - 218 men lost. (USS Saratoga was severely damaged by suicide aircraft (6 hits) and another escort carrier sustained minor damage from a crashing torpedo-bomber) Pacific
Sangamon1945-05-04duskDamaged by suicide aircraft south-west of Kerama Retto - 46 men lost; the ship was converted for commercial use Pacific

USA Collier

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Black Point1945-05-05 TorpedoSunk12East coast of USA

USA Destroyer

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Halligan1945-03-261835Mined off Kerama Retto, Okinawa (26-10N 127-30E); sank very quickly, with the loss of about 150 men Pacific
Shaw1945-04-02Ran aground off Leyte (09-36N 123-53E); damaged beyond repair. This was the second, and final, occasion of loss for the Shaw, which had been one of the original Pearl Harbor casualties but had seen extensive front-line service since she had been rebuilt Pacific
Bush1945-04-061513-1745Hit 50 miles 94km north of Okinawa (27-16N 127-48E) while on radar picket station (No 1) by three JNAF suicide aircraft; almost cut in half and severely on fire, she broke up and sank at about 1830 - 87 men lost. The expected mass suicide aircraft attacks ('Kikusui') on the Okinawa assault shipping and covering forces began on 6 April 1945. Just over half of the 700 aircraft launched from Japanese bases were Kamikazes and it was fortunate for the Allies that these pilots were not of the calibre of those met during the Lingayen campaign: fewer than 40 scored hits or damaging near-misses on a total of 18 ships. Two freighters and a landing ship were sunk, as were three US destroyers; three more destroyers survived but were written off. The high incidence of attack on fast well-armed targets was indicative of the indifferent tactical training of the majority of the suicide pilots, who tended to attack the first objectives sighted (the radar picket screen or inner gun and anti-submarine defence screens) instead of the transports and carriers which were essential to the success of the assault. Pacific
Colhoun1945-04-061700-1800Hit off Okinawa in company with Bush by three JNAF suicide aircraft; back broken, holed aft by a near-miss, and extensive fires - 35 men lost. Abandoned and scuttled by gunfire of USS Cassin Young at 2330 Pacific
Newcomb1945-04-061806Hit off Okinawa (12-38N 127-28E) while screening TF 54 (gunfire support) by three suicide aircraft in quick succession; machinery spaces severely damaged, both funnels destroyed and serious fires - 40 men lost. Towed to Kerama Retto but not repaired Pacific
Leutze1945-04-061815Hit off Okinawa while assisting Newcomb by one suicide aircraft; exploded on quarterdeck and caused very serious flooding aft - 7 men lost. Towed to Kerama Retto settling by the stern, salvaged but not repaired Pacific
Morris1945-04-061815Hit south of Okinawa (25-55N 127-52E) while on antisubmarine patrol by one suicide aircraft; severely damaged and set on fire but brought into Kerama Retto - 13 men lost. Not repaired Pacific
Mannert L. Abele1945-04-121445Sunk 72 miles north-west of Okinawa (27-25N 126-59E) by JNAF suicide aircraft; hit first by a 'Zero', breaking her keel and propeller shafts, the ship was then hit less than a minute later by a 'Baka' manned rocket-bomb which caused her immediate loss - 79 men lost. The second Japanese major suicide onslaught was launched on 12 April. The Kamikazes, Navy and Army, backed up by 'conventional' bombers, consistently penetrated the layered defences - the outer and inner fighter patrols, the radar picket ships (which attracted numerous attacks) and the inner screen of escorts - and hit 22 ships. Only one destroyer and an LCS were sunk, and of the other casualties just five had to withdraw completely from the operation, but 675 US Navy officers and men were killed or wounded. Pacific
Pringle1945-04-160910Sunk by JNAF suicide aircraft 72 miles (133 km) north-west of Okinawa (picket station No 14); hit on forward torpedo-tubes, which blew up and broke ship in two - 65 men lost. The Japanese air forces launched their third major suicide attack on 16 April. Again the Kamikazes were attracted to the radar picket stations to the north and west of Okinawa, where they scored fifteen direct hits or damaging near-misses on eight ships. The destroyer Laffey, on Station 1 with two LCS, was repeatedly attacked over a period of 80 minutes and survived seven suicide hits and four bombs. On Station 14, one destroyer was sunk and two destroyer-minesweepers were severely damaged, one of them beyond economical repair. Elsewhere, a carrier, a destroyer and a destroyer escort also sustained damage which required them to return to the USA for repairs. Pacific
Hutchings1945-04-27pre-dawnSeverely damaged off Okinawa (26-14N 127-49E) by Japanese explosive suicide motor-boat - not repaired Pacific
Haggard1945-04-291700Severely damaged off Okinawa (27-01N 129-40E) by JNAF suicide aircraft -11 men lost; towed to Kerama Retto but not repaired Pacific
Little1945-05-031843Hit amidships by four suicide aircraft and sank (26-24N 126-15E) at 1855-30 men lost Pacific
Luce1945-05-040808Sunk 61 miles 112 km west-north-west of Okinawa (26-43N 127-14E) by one direct hit and one near-miss suicide aircraft -149 men lost, LSM190 was also sunk in this attack. The Kamikazes inflicted considerable loss and damage on 4 May. Besides the six ships sunk, they damaged a light cruiser, three destroyers and a minesweeper of the US task force and two Royal Navy armoured carriers. In total, the attacks on 4 May cost the lives of 482 Allied sailors and wounded another 618. Pacific
Morrison1945-05-040825Sunk 51 miles 94 km north of Okinawa (27-10N 127-58E) by four suicide aircraft (two 'Zeroes' and two E7K 'Alt' floatplanes, one of which taxied up the wake before taking off and flying into an after turret)-159 men lost. LSM(R) 194 was also sunk and the destroyer Ingraham badly damaged in this attack Pacific
Evans1945-05-110800Severely damaged by four suicide aircraft 33 miles 60 km west-north-west of Okinawa (26-58N 127-32E) - 30 men lost; ship immobilized and towed to Kerama Retto, not repaired Pacific
Hugh W. Hadley1945-05-110925Severely damaged by two suicide aircraft, a rocket bomb and a bomb while screening the Evans (26-59N 127-32E) - 29 men lost; ship lost power and nearly capsized, being saved only by good damage-control - towed to Kerama Retto but subsequently scrapped Pacific
Longshaw1945-05-180719Stranded on Ose Reef, Okinawa (26-11N 127-37E); taken under fire by Japanese shore batteries from 1100 and severely damaged - 86 men lost. Wreck subsequently sunk by US naval gunfire Pacific
Drexler1945-05-280655Sunk by two suicide aircraft 35 miles 65 km north-north west of Okinawa (27-06N 127-38E) - 158 men lost; the destroyer was hit by a twin-engined P1Y1 'Frances' bomber and the impact rolled her on her beam-ends, causing her to sink in less than 50 seconds Pacific
Shubrick1945-05-290013Severely damaged by suicide aircraft 50 miles 92 km west-north-west of Okinawa (26-38N 127-05E) - 32 men lost; destroyer taken in tow in sinking condition, reached Kerama but was not repaired Pacific
William D. Porter1945-06-100825Near-missed by suicide aircraft 35miles 65km north-north-west of Okinawa (27-06N 127-38E). Mining effect caused uncontainable flooding and the ship sank at 1119- no fatal casualties Pacific
Twiggs1945-06-162030Torpedoed by JNAF aircraft which then crashed on the destroyer off Okinawa (26-08N 137-35E). 2100: ship blew up and sank - 183 men lost Pacific

USA Escort

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Frederick C. Davis1945-04-230840Torpedoed north-west of the Azores (43-52N 40-15W) by German submarine U.546 (homing torpedo); broke in half and sank very quickly. The Davis was the last US warship to be lost to German submarine attack Atlantic
Oberrender1945-05-091852Severely damaged by suicide aircraft west of Okinawa (26-32N 127-20E) - 8 men lost; towed to Kerama Retto and scrapped Pacific
England1945-05-091853Damaged by suicide aircraft north-west of Kerama Retto (26-18N 127-13E); towed to Kerama Retto, patched up for passage to Guam but not fully repaired thereafter Pacific

USA Fishing

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Captain Nathaniel1945-04-05 Depth chargeSunk3East coast of USA

USA Gasoline Tanker

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Sheepscot AOG-241945-06-06 Manned by US Coast Guard Total loss; wreck destroyed GroundedWreckedIwo Jima

USA Gunboat

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
PGM-18 (ex PC-1225)1945-04-07 MineSunk13Bruckner Bay; Okinawa
Eagle PE-561945-04-23 torpedoSunk4913U-853
PGM-17 (ex SPC-11891945-05-04 Salvage efforts continued until July 2 but failed. Allowed to sink in shallow water; later towed out to sea and sunk. Hit reefGroundedReef near Kuori Jima

USA Harbor Craft

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
ST-101945-01-16 SunkSunk5
Y-171945-04-08 MineSunk19NE Atlantic Ocean

USA Hog Islander

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Alcoa Banner1945-01-22Raised and repaired; later scuttled BombsSunk2Atlantic

USA Liberty

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Henry Miller1945-01-03 Limped into Gibraltar but a total loss wreck scrapped in Spain after war TorpedoDamagedU-870GUS-63Off Gibraltar
Kyle V Johnson1945-01-04 KamikazeDamagedPhilippines
Lewis L Dyche1945-01-0441 crew and 30 armed guards killed KamikazeSunk71Philippines
Isaac Shelby1945-01-06Total Loss MineDamagedMed
Jonas Lie1945-01-09 TorpedoSunk2NE Atlantic Ocean
Pontus H. Ross1945-01-11 KaitenDamagedPacific
David Dudley Field1945-01-12 KamikazeDamagedPhilippines
Edward N Westcott1945-01-12 KamikazeDamagedPhilippines
Kyle V Johnson1945-01-121 crewman and 128 US Army personnel killed KamikazeDamaged129Philippines
Otis Skinner1945-01-12 KamikazeDamagedPhilippines
Martin van Buren1945-01-14 Survivors PU by Comox J-64 (HMCS) and Fundy J-88 (HMCS) Ship towed but line broke; drifted to Sambro and scrapped in palce (3 Armed guard killed) TorpedoDamaged366U-1232BX-141E of Halifax
Michael Dekovats1945-01-14 RocketDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
James Harrod1945-01-16Total Loss Collision/fireDamaged4NE Atlantic Ocean
Raymond B Stevens1945-01-16 CollisionDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
George Hawley1945-01-21 Total loss; towed to Falmouth and beached until 1946; refloated in June 46 towed to Bremerhaven; Germany and scuttled with load of chemical ammunition TorpedoDamaged266U-1199TBC-43Off Lands End
Reuben Dario1945-01-27 TorpedoDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Henry B Plant1945-02-05Survivors PU by HMS Hazard N-02 & HMS Lancelot T-228 TorpedoSunk1654U-245TAM-7117mi E of Ramsgate
Henry B. Plant1945-02-06 TorpedoSunk16NE Atlantic Ocean
James Otis1945-02-06Total Loss GroundedDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Peter Silvester1945-02-06 Survivors PU as follows 15 PU by Cape Edmont (USA) on Feb.8 92 PU by USS Corpus Christi PF-44 on Feb. 13 20 PU by HMS Activity D-94 on Feb.28 15 PU by USS Rock SS-274 on Mar.9 TorpedoSunk33142U-862SW of Australia
Albert P Ryder1945-02-13 CollisionDamagedS Atlantic
Horace Gray1945-02-14 Crew abandoned but later reboarded and grounded the ship at Tyuva Bay (69.11.07N - 33.36.05E) declared a total loss In 1959 the bow was salvaged and fitted to the Tbilisi TorpedoDamaged69U-968BK-3 30mi N of Murmansk; Russia
Michael J Stone1945-02-17 TorpedoDamagedAtlantic
Thomas Scott1945-02-17 TorpedoSunkNear Murmansk; Russia
Henry Bacon1945-02-23 Aerial TorpedoSunk28Near Murmansk; Russia
Jane G Swisshelm1945-02-23 RocketDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Robert L Vann1945-03-01 MineSunkNE Atlantic Ocean
Benjamin R Milam1945-03-08Raised and repaired ExplosionSunkEast Coast
Russell H Chittenden1945-03-13Total Loss SplitDamagedPacific
Oliver Kelley1945-03-17 TorpedoDamagedPhilippines
Hadley F Brown1945-03-20 MineDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Horace Bushnell1945-03-20Total Loss TorpedoDamaged5Near Murmansk; Russia
Thomas Donaldson1945-03-20 TorpedoSunk4Near Murmansk; Russia
James Eagan Layne1945-03-21Total Loss TorpedoDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
John R Park1945-03-21 TorpedoSunkNE Atlantic Ocean
Ransom A Moore1945-03-22 Shelled by Allied shipsDamagedPhilippines
Charles D McIver1945-03-23 MineSunkNE Atlantic Ocean
O B Martin1945-03-29 Depth charges from escortsDamagedAtlantic
John C Fremont1945-03-31Total Loss MineDamagedPhilippines
Juan de Fuca1945-04-01 BombsDamagedPhilippines
James W Nesmith1945-04-07Total Loss TorpedoDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Charles Henderson1945-04-09 ExplosionSunk52Med
Solomon Juneau1945-04-09All killed were Armed Guards TorpedoDamaged2NE Atlantic Ocean
Will Rogers1945-04-12 TorpedoDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Harrington Emerson1945-04-13 Bombed-strafed by U.S. planeDamagedPhilippines
Cyrus H McCormick1945-04-18 TorpedoSunk6NE Atlantic Ocean
Benjamin H Bristow1945-04-22 MineDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
John Carver1945-04-23Total Loss Explosion during repairsDamagedEast coast of USA
Sverre Helmerson1945-04-23 Torpedo or MineDamaged Normandy France
S. Hall Young1945-04-30 KamikazeDamaged Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
Edmund F Dickens1945-05-02Total Loss MineDamagedPhilippines
Henry L. Abbott1945-05-02Total Loss MineDamaged2Philippines
Horace Binney1945-05-08 MineSunkNE Atlantic Ocean
Cornelius Vanderbilt1945-05-18 BombsDamaged1 Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
William B Allison1945-05-24Total loss TorpedoDamaged6 Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
John Woolman1945-05-27 MineDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Josiah Snelling1945-05-27 KamikazeDamaged Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
Mary A. Livermore1945-05-27 KamikazeDamaged11 Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
Samuel L. Jeffery1945-06-01Total Loss CollisionDamaged4Caribbean Sea
Colin P Kelly Jr1945-06-04Total loss MineDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Walter Colton1945-06-11 Kamikaze & shelled by Allied sDamaged Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
Calvin Coolidge1945-06-19 MineDamagedNE Atlantic Ocean
Pierre Gibault1945-06-22Total Loss MineDamaged4Med
Abner Doubleday1945-06-29 CollisionDamaged Okinawa Ryukyu Islands

USA Minelayer

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Gamble DM-15 (ex DD1945-02-18Towed but out of action; scuttled off Guam July 16; 1945 BombsDamaged6Japanese AircraftIwo JimaIwo Jima
Aaron Ward1945-05-031822Damaged by two suicide aircraft; 1913-1920: hit amidships by four suicide aircraft which inflicted serious superficial damage - 45 men lost; towed to Kerama Retto and then made her own way back to USA but not repaired. Seventy-three miles (135km) to the west of Okinawa, Picket Station No 10, occupied by two destroyers and two landing ships, came under attack shortly before sunset on 3 May. About 36 suicide aircraft were involved and despite the presence of fighter patrols they scored eleven hits to sink outright one of the destroyers and LSM(R) 195; the other destroyer was damaged beyond repair and only LCS(L) 25 escaped with minor damage; 86 men were lost and 156 were wounded. Pacific
J. William Ditter1945-06-061713Severely damaged by two suicide aircraft off Nakagusuku Wan, Okinawa (26-14N 128-01E); towed to Kerama Retto but assessed as damaged beyond repair Pacific

USA Minesweeper

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Long1945-01-061215Hit in Lingayen Gulf (16-12N 120-11E) by JNAF suicide aircraft and abandoned; taken in tow but hit again at 1730 and sank slowly - one man lost. (On this day suicide aircraft also damaged two battleships, three heavy cruisers, a light cruiser, five destroyers and another destroyer-minesweeper) Pacific
Palmer1945-01-071835Sunk in Lingayen Gulf (16-20N 120-10E) by JAAF air attack; sank in less than 6 minutes - 28 men lost Pacific
Hovey1945-01-070430Torpedoed in Lingayen Gulf (16-20N 120-10E) by JNAF aircraft and sank in 3 minutes - 46 men lost (including 24 Brooks and Long survivors) Pacific
Gamble1945-02-18Damaged off Iwo Jima (24-55N 141-08E) by JNAF air attack; not repaired Pacific
Skylark1945-03-28Mined off Kerama Retto, Okinawa (26-20N 127-41E) Pacific
Emmons1945-04-061603-1833Hit off east coast of Okinawa (26-48N 128-04E) by five JNAF suicide aircraft; damaged fore and aft, bridge destroyed, severe fires - 64 men lost. Abandoned at 1930 and scuttled at 2200 by USS Ellyson. Emmons had been assisting DMS Rodman, hit at 1600 by two suicide aircraft; the Rodman was towed to Kerama Retto. In addition to the Rodman, three destroyers and one destroyer escort were so badly damaged by Kamikazes on 6 April that they had to retire to the US for major repairs Pacific
Harding1945-04-160959Severely damaged north-west of Okinawa (26-42N 127-25E) by near-miss JNAF suicide aircraft - 22 men lost; not repaired Pacific
Swallow1945-04-221900Sunk by JNAF suicide aircraft off Okinawa (26-10N 127-12E); capsized and sank within 7 minutes - 2 men lost Pacific
Spectacle1945-05-21pre-dawnSeverely damaged by suicide aircraft off NW Okinawa (26-40N 127-52E) and abandoned on fire - 29 men lost; 0835: LSM-135 was hit and beached on Ie Shima while carrying Spectacle's survivors -11 men lost. The minesweeper was later towed to Kerama but was not repaired Pacific
Butler1945-05-21Severely damaged by suicide aircraft off Okinawa (26-12N 127-50E) - no fatal casualties; ship towed to Kerama but not repaired Pacific
Forrest1945-05-27duskSeverely damaged by suicide aircraft off Okinawa transport anchorage (26-00N 128-00E) - 8 men lost; towed to Kerama but not repaired Pacific
Salute1945-06-08Mined off Brunei (05-08N 115-05E) Pacific

USA Patrol

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
YP-731945-01-15 GroundingWreckedKodiak Harbor; Alaska
YP-941945-02-18 GroundingWrecked

USA Patrol Torpedo

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
PT-731945-01-15Grounded and destroyed to prevent capture Scuttled Baliquias Bay; Mindoro; Philippines
PT-3381945-01-28Damaged beyond repair and destroyed GroundingDestroyedSemirara Island; Philippines
PT-771945-02-01 Accidentally fired on by US Destroyers; grounded on reef and wrecked total loss 4 killed between the 2 boats GunfireWrecked Conyngham DD-371 Lough DE-586 Luzon Sea Talin Point; Luzon; Philippines
PT-791945-02-01 Accidentally fired on by US Destroyers; attempting to avoid the wreck of PT-77 made hard turn and took a direct hit and sank 4 killed between the 2 boats GunfireSunk Conyngham DD-371 Lough DE-586 Luzon Sea Talin Point; Luzon; Philippines

USA Refrigerator Ship

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Roanoke1945-01-11Survivors PU by Senga and HMS PC-74 TorpedoSunk459U-1055W of Anglesey

USA Salvage Ship

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Extractor ARS-151945-01-24Sunk in error TorpedoSunk673Guardfish SS-217 683mi W of Saipan; Marianas Islands

USA Scow

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Saginaw II1945-01-10 SunkAlaska

USA Stores Ship

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Pontiac AF-201945-01-30Raised and temp repairs made. Scrapped after June 1945 Heavy SeasSunkoff Halifax

USA Sub Chaser

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
PC-11291945-01-31 Suicide boatSunkShinyo Suicide BoatNasugbu; Luzon; Philippines
SC-10191945-04-22Salvaged and repaired GroundingWrecked
PC-16031945-05-26Damaged while at anchor; hulk used as breakwater KamikazeDestroyed3KamikazeKimmu Wan; Okinawa

USA Submarine

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Swordfish SS-1931945-01-03Declaired Lost at Sea Feb. 15; 1945 Last Contact89UnknownOff Okinawa
Barbel SS-3161945-02-04 BombsSunk81Japanese Aircraft Southern Entrance to Palawan Passage Philippines
Batfish SS-3201945-02-10began partol sinking 3 jap subs
Lancetfish SS-2961945-03-15Aft torpedo room flooded; raised and repaired AccidentSunkPier 8 Boston Navy Yard
Kete SS-3691945-03-20Declaired lost at sea Apr. 16; 1945 UnknownLast Contact87 Between Colnett Strait; East China Sea and Midway
Trigger SS-2371945-03-26Declaired Lost at Sea May 1; 1945 Last Contact89UnknownPacific
Snook SS-2791945-04-09Declaired Lost at Sea May 16; 1945 Last Contact84UnknownE of Formosa
Lagarto SS-3711945-05-03Wreck found in 2005 Depth ChargesSunk86Hatsutaka (IJN Minelayer)Gulf of Thailand
Bonefish SS-2231945-06-18 Depth ChargesSunk85Japanese Warships Toyama Wan West coast of Honshu; Japan

USA Tanker

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Sunoco1945-01-02Raised and repaired ExplosionSunk10East coast of USA
Spring Hill1945-02-05 Collision/FireDamaged20East coast of USA
Lone Jack1945-03-02 CollisionDamagedAtlantic
Esso Washington1945-03-14Total Loss GroundedDamagedPacific
Oklahoma1945-03-28 TorpedoSunk50Atlantic
Crow Wing1945-03-30 CollisionDamaged2Atlantic
Atlantic States1945-04-05 TorpedoDamagedEast coast of USA
Nashbulk1945-04-09 CollisionDamagedAtlantic
Saint Mihiel1945-04-09Total Loss Collision/fireDamaged37Atlantic
Sun1945-04-09 ShrapnelDamagedMed
Swiftscout1945-04-18 TorpedoSunk1East coast of USA
Stony Point1945-05-01 Strafed & fireDamagedPacific

USA Troopship

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
J W McAndrew1945-03-131 AG and 68 US Army killed Collision French aircraft caDamaged69Atlantic
Cristobal1945-03-30 CollisionDamagedAtlantic
Sea Flasher1945-05-03All 7 were US Army Shelled by U.S. shipDamaged7 Okinawa Ryukyu Islands

USA Victory

ShipDateTimeEventCauseResultDeathsSurvivorsAttacked byOperationLocation
Elmira Victory1945-01-12 KamikazeDamagedPhilippines
Frontenac Victory1945-03-02 CollisionDamagedAtlantic
Hobbs Victory1945-04-06 KamikazeSunk12 Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
Logan Victory1945-04-06 KamikazeSunk15 Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
Morgantown Victory1945-04-11 MineDamaged Normandy France
Minot Victory1945-04-12 KamikazeDamaged Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
Canada Victory1945-04-27 KamikazeSunk3 Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
Bozeman Victory1945-04-28 Depth charge or Kaiten or MiDamaged Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
Bucknell Victory1945-05-09 KamikazeDamaged Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
Cuba Victory1945-05-12 CollisionDamagedPacific
Saginaw Victory1945-05-12 CollisionDamagedPacific
Brown Victory1945-05-27 KamikazeDamaged4 Okinawa Ryukyu Islands
New Bern Victory1945-06-04 MineDamagedMed
Attleboro Victory1945-06-14 MineDamagedMed
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