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World Ship Losses 1914-45

This project records the details of every ship lost, by every country, during the two world wars, including pictures where possible. Every type of ship is here, warships, submarines, MTBs, tankers, cargo, passenger, troopships and so on, totalling over 13,000. Much of this information was kindly provided by Michael W Pocock at - thank you Michael !

The link from the warship name will show the location of the sinking on a map of the world - note not all are known. There are also links to extract warship or merchant ship losses by month.

If the results of the search display the records for only one ship, then a photo will be shown if available. I have pics for most of the cruisers and capital ships, any other pics sent to me to help complete the database would be much appreciated.

Note: more information may also be available for RN and US losses under the Misc menu.

Warship Losses by Month

Merchant Ship Losses by Month

Ship Type:Country:Ship:Date:Event:

You can search as follows :

a type - Cruiser
a country - RN
a ship - Effingham - do not enter the HMS or USS etc
a Date in the format - 1939-09-12 - entering 1940 or 1940-05 will limit the search to those periods
Event: searches the text of the loss
Note: selection is cumulative - for instance, RN, Destroyer, 1939 - or any combination
Note 2: Carrier, US and Midway in Event would tell you which US carriers were lost at Midway
Note 3: Destroyer, RN, 1940 with mine in Event would tell you which RN destroyers were mined during 1940
if nothing is returned check the spelling of the ship or the format of the date
if you know the name of the ship then do not complete any of the other boxes
a maximum of 200 entries are returned for any search

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