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General Sites

Model Warships

Everything you might want to know

National Maritime Museum

a great information site

Stephen Johnson's page

a wide ranging view of Plymouth - ships and town

Wehrmacht History 1935 to 1945

military vehicles planes, ships, and weapons from 1935 to 1945.

Imperial War Museum

a must visit

Italian Navy

professional looking site with good coverage of the ships and major actions

an impressive site and creative design covering the German Navy in WW2 - good coverage of the Bismarck battles


The Royal Fleet Auxiliary Association.

WW2 Oral History

an interesting site - take a look !

Aircraft Carriers of WW2

lots of information here

USS Cabot

dedicated to the preservation of this WW2 carrier


the Warship International Site - some excellent articles and photos

Nautical Club

RN club

Royal Netherlands Navy Warships of WW2Peter C Smith

author of several excellent books including Pedestal and Cruisers in Action

Harry Tate's Navy

fascinating site about the RN patrol service

Naval Battles of WW2

a useful and interesting resource

Navy News WW2 Timelines

interesting new site showing how each campaign developed


Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

DDay - OverlordNavsource

good source for US ships


Museum of Naval Firepower

Royal Navy



ambitious site with a wide focus of information.

Another good Polish site

Sites that focus on a Ship

 HMS Rodney HMS Hood HMS Belfast
HMS GambiaHMS NaiadBismarck and Tirpitz
 USS AtlantaHMS Spartan HMS Newcastle
KonigsbergHMS CharybdisHMS Resolution
HMS Penelope
HMS Fiji Association
HMS Nigeria

Prinz Eugen

HMS Dunedin HMS Kite HMS Duke of York
HMS Barfleur HMS Newfoundland Trento
HMS CairoHMS DauntlessUSS Santa Fe
Scharnhorst & GneisenauUSS Iowa
HMS Arethusa HMS Galatea HMS Dorsetshire
HMS Dido HMS Neptune