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HMS Uganda

Ceylon Class Light Cruiser

Orion on the left, with Mount Etna in the background
Orion on the left, with Mount Etna in the background
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Built by Vickers Armstrong. Laid Down 20 July 1939.

Launched 7 August 1941. Completed 3 January 1943.

Damaged by guided missile 13/9/43 off Salerno - repaired Charlestown 10/43 - 10/44.

Transferred to Royal Canadian Navy 21 October 1944. Renamed Quebec 1952.

Paid off 1956. Placed on disposal list 1958. Broken up at Osaka, 1961.

Uganda joined the Home Fleet on completion, and then went to the Mediterranean for the Sicily campaign as part of Support Force East. For the next couple of months she supported the army ashore and then, in September, took part in the Salerno landings where, on 13 September, she was hit by a radio-guided bomb and badly damaged. She, too, was sent to the USA for repair, at Charlestown Navy yard, where she remained from October 1943 to October 1944. On completion of repairs she was presented to the Royal Canadian Navy on 21 October 1944. She was commissioned as HMCS Uganda on 21 October 1944, and sailed for the UK the following month for further work. In January 1945 the ship sailed for the Pacific via the Suez Canal, to join the 4th Cruiser Squadron with the British Pacific Fleet. With the end of the war in Europe a manning problem arose, as Canada had no direct interest in a Pacific war, and many of her crew opted to return home rather than continue hostilities against Japan. Eventually matters were resolved and the ship became part of TF57 in the Okinawa area. By April 1945 Uganda was screening the carriers in raids on Formosa, and in March acted in a similar capacity during the raids on the Ryukyu Islands. In June she took part in the bombardment of Truk, shelling Dublon on the night of 14/15th. In July, as part of TF37, she screened the carriers in their final raids on the Japanese mainland, but was relieved by Argonaut on 27 July and sailed for Canada, arriving at Esquimalt on 10 August for refit. Postwar the ship was used in a training role, being renamed Quebec on 14 January 1952. Paid off on 15 June 1956, Quebec was sold for scrapping and arrived at Osaka, Japan, on 6 February 1961 for breaking up.

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