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Ceylon Class Light Cruiser

Uganda in 1944
Uganda in 1944
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aka Crown Colony Group 2

These ships, originally intended to be the last of the Fiji class, were finished to a modified design with heavier AA armament.

Displacement: 8,875 tons standard ; 10,850 tons full load
Dimensions: 538 pp, 555.5 oa x 62 x 17.5 feet
Propulsion: 4 shaft Parsons geared turbines, 4 Admiralty 3-drum boilers, 72,500 shp. = 31.5 knots
Range: 10,200 miles at 12 knots ; 1,700 tons fuel oil
Complement: 730
Armament: 3 triple 6-inch / 50 Mk 23 ; 4 dual 4-inch / 45 QF Mk 16 HA ; 4 quad 2 pdr ; 10 dual 20 mm AA ; 2 triple 21-inch TT.
Armour: 3.25 to 3.5 inch belt ; 2 inch deck ; 1 to 2 inch turrets ; 1.5 to 2 inch bulkheads


Ceylon completed with a light AA outfit of sixteen twin power-operated 20mm, and by April 1944 had received a further two twin and eight single 20mm mountings. By the end of the war six of the single and four of the twin 20mm had been landed, to be replaced by four single 40mm Bofors Mk III. Newfoundland also completed with sixteen twin 20mm. By April 1944 she had an additional six single 20mm added, and in the summer of that year received a further two twin and two single 20mm. Her aircraft fittings were removed and the radar fit updated. Uganda completed with twenty twin 20mm power-operated mountings. Between October 1943 and October 1944 six twin 20mm were landed and eight single fitted in lieu. After the repairs in the USA, she was further modified in the first half of 1945 by the removal of four twin 20mm and the aircraft fittings. She received three quadruple and four single 2pdr and had the radar outfit updated.

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