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HMS Capetown

Cairo Class Light Cruiser

as completed
as completed
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 Built by Cammell Laird. Laid Down 23 February 1918.

Launched 28 June 1919. Completed 10 April 1922 at Pembroke DY.

Scrapped at Preston 1948

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For a personal story of life on board in the period leading up to the torpedoing in April 1941, follow this link.

Capetown served on the America and West Indies Station from completion until 1929, when she reduced to reserve. On 17 July 1934 the ship recommissioned for the 5th Cruiser squadron on the China Station, where she spent a couple of commissions before returning home to reserve in August 1938. Her proposed conversion into an AA cruiser was cancelled at the outbreak of war. In September 1939 she was at Gibraltar with the North Atlantic Command, then went to the eastem Mediterranean with the 3rd Cruiser squadron, where she covered convoys in the Aegean. In 1941 Capetown went to the Indian Ocean for the British offensive against Italian Somaliland, where, on 6 April 1941, she was torpedoed by the MTB MAS 213 and brought into Port Sudan under tow by Parramatta only with difficulty. She spent about a year under repair. In 1942/43 the ship was attached to the Eastern Fleet, but by 1944 had returned home. She was present at the Normandy Landings in June that year, but spent the remainder of the war as an accommodation ship. On 5 April 1946 Capetown was handed over for scrapping, and arrived at the Preston yard of T. W. Ward on 2 June 1946.

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probably in the 30s
probably in the 30s
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in Far Eastern colour scheme at Nancowrie, October 1940
in Far Eastern colour scheme at Nancowrie, October 1940
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