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HMS Royalist (C89)

Dido Group 2 Class Light (Anti Aircraft) Cruiser

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 Built by Scotts, Greenock. Laid Down 21 March 1940.

Launched 30 May 1942. Completed 10 September 1943.

Immediately converted to Escort Carrier Flagship.

In reserve 1946-1956. Loaned to RNZN 1956-1966. Returned to RN 1967. Scrapped in Japan, 1968.

Royalist joined the Home Fleet and served on Arctic convoy duties. She also covered some of the carrier raids against Tirpitz until ordered to the Mediterranean to support the landings in the south of France in August 1944, as part of the escort carrier squadron TF88.1. On 15 September, accompanied by Teazer, she sank the transports KT4 and KT26 off Cape Spatha. She then moved into the Aegean until late 1944, when ordered to the East Indies. By April 1945 she was with the 21st Escort Carrier Squadron as Flagship, supporting the Rangoon landings, and the following month was part of a force that unsuccessfully attempted to intercept a Japanese cruiser and destroyer evacuating troops from the Andaman Islands. For the remainder of the war she covered the carrier raids against targets in the East Indies and Sumatra. She was withdrawn from the East Indies after the war, and returned home to reserve. In 1954 she began a major refit which was completed in April 1956, and the ship was handed over to the Royal New Zealand Navy on 9 July 1956. Paid off on 4 June 1966, Royalist reverted to RN control in 1967. She was sold to Nissho Co, Japan, in November 1967 and was towed from Auckland on 31 December 1967, destined for Osaka.

Clyde September 1943
Clyde September 1943
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September 1943
September 1943
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March 1945
March 1945
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