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Dido Group 2 Class Light (Anti Aircraft) Cruiser

Spartan passing astern of Orion at Anzio the week before her loss
Spartan passing astern of Orion at Anzio the week before her loss
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Also referred to as Improved Dido or Bellona Class

Modified Dido design with only 4 turrets but improved AA armament.

Displacement: 5,950 tons standard ; 7,200 tons full load
Dimensions: 485 pp, 512 oa x 50.5 x 15 feet
Propulsion: 4 shaft Parsons geared turbines, 4 Admiralty 3-drum boilers, 62,000 shp. = 32 knots
Range: 1,500 miles at 30 knots, 4,240 at 16 knots ; 1,100 tons fuel oil
Complement: 530
Armament: 4 dual 5.25-inch / 50 QF Mk 1 DP ; 3 quad 2 pdr ; 6 dual 20 mm AA ; 2 triple 21-inch TT.
Armour: 3 inch belt ; 1 inch deck (2 inch over magazines) ; 1 inch bulkheads


Spartan received no alterations as far as is known.Royalist was converted to an Escort Carrier Squadron flagship immediately on completion, when an extra two twin 20mm were fitted as well as four single 20mm. She was the only ship to receive an extensive postwar modernisation. Bellona had four single 20mm added by April 1944, and received an extra eight single 20mm by April 1945. Black Prince and Diadem also received eight single 20mm, and had a further two twin 20mm by early 1945.

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