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HMS Cairo

Cairo Class Light Cruiser

prewar - leaving Portsmouth Harbour
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 Built by Cammell Laird. Laid Down 28 November 1917.

Launched November 19 1918. Completed 14 October 1919.

Converted to an AA ship in 1939.

During Pedestal torpedoed by Italian submarine Axum 12 August 1942. Stern blown off and sunk by Pathfinder next day

May 1939 after conversion to an AA cruiser
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leaving Grand Harbour Malta, preceded by the high speed minelayer Welshman, having delivered a convoy
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docking at Malta after convoy duty, rearmed as an AA vessel.
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Cairo went out to China for the 5th LCS in 1920, and remained on that station until recommissioning for the 4th LCS in the East Indies on 27 December 1921. She was stationed there until 1925, when she was temporarily detached to the China Station. Her next deployment was with the 8th Cruiser Squadron on the America and West Indies Station between 1927 and 1928. She then spent 1928 to 1930 in the Mediterranean as Flagship Rear Admiral (D). After a refit in 1931/32 she acted as Commodore (D) with the Home Fleet Flotillas until paid off on 25 November 1937. Cairo then underwent conversion to an AA cruiser at Chatham in 1938, which was completed in May 1939. In September of that year she was with the Channel Force, and by December was in the Humber. During the Norwegian campaign she was employed on escort duties and covered the landings. She rescued the survivors of Effingham. In 1941 she operated mostly in the North Atlantic before going to the Mediterranean in 1942. She served with Force H from Gibraltar, covering the Harpoon/Vigorous convoys and Operation Pinpoint in July 1942, when Eagle flew off fighters to Malta. During Operation Pedestal Cairo was torpedoed by the Italian submarine Axum on 12 August 1942, and her stern was blown off. The wreck had to be sunk by Pathfinder the next day.