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Gneisenau - nice pic
Gneisenau - nice pic
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This site is my small tribute to the men of all navies who served on ships in WW2. Never forget what they did!

So now you are here, what is there to see? What makes this site different is the war at sea is told by those who were there. Personal stories explain what it was like to be on a ship during World War 2. If you are more interested in the ships or the actions of WWII at sea, then we have that as well. There is a lot of information, spread over 432 pages - so we have worked hard to make it easy to find what you want.

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Attendolo and Bolzano after the torpedo attack from Unbroken
Muzio Attendolo
hit by a submarine torpedo - Pedestal convoy August 1942

the wreck of Tone - 1945
Edinburgh - April 1942 taken from USS Wasp
early pic of Scharnhorst - impressive photo
in the foreground is Mauritius - mail transfer
Gloire - 1943 with unusual camouflage

Book review

You can choose the drawings you would like Eric Leon to deliver next. This time the choices are major German WW2 warships. You can vote and see the current voting state below. Only one vote is allowed per visitor and the vote ends on 1st February. The November vote was won by Deutschland, the Scharnhorst drawings are being reviewed now and should be available shortly.

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The following letters very nicely sum up what the site is about

I just read your article, my Dad, Leslie Bowes, was on HMS Arethusa for 7 years, 39-46, he never talked much about what happened on it, in fact as a kid I used to tease him about the ship having such a goofy name. He died some years ago, in fact one of the the few things I still have of my Dads are his war medals. It really hits home just what those men went through and the sacrifices they made.
Thank you
David Bowes
Thank you for the cruiser and battleship sites for WW2. My father served in Revenge and finding info on your site that totally relates to the stories he told us is amazing. Seeing other people's enquires too, is amazing as it confirms the pain and emotional conflict that so many veterans were left with, leaving us, as near relatives, unable to understand why so many would not speak or could not settle adequately back to civilian life.
Again thanks for all your hard work
Ian Size
This is a wonderful site. My father Charles Watters was a survivor of the Gloucester and died in 1981. It brought tears to my eyes viewing the photos and reading the stories of what he endured. If anyone knows of him please contact me at this site.
Thank you S Montgomery Canada

Please let me know if you, or someone you know, has memories or ship photos you would like to publish. I very much appreciate all the photos, suggestions, corrections and contributions sent to me, keep them coming. Much of the site is made up of your contributions. If you are interested in writing up a particular theme, ship or action for publication on the site, please let me know.

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